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On the occasion of international yoga day on 21st June 2019 various programmes were organized in Vishnu Ayurveda college by the Swasthavritha department, college union and NSS unit. The program consisted of an Inter Ayurveda College yoga competition “YOGA DAKSHA”, mass yoga demonstration and inauguration of yoga for women programme.
An Inter Ayurveda Yoga completion was conducted on 19th of june 2019 in which 52 students participated from 6 colleges – Government Ayurveda College Thrippunithra, Nangeli Ayurveda College, Pariyaram Ayurveda college- Kannur, Asthanga Ayurveda college, Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda college Ollur and Vishnu Ayurveda College Shoranur. The competition included Shat Kriya and Yogasanas separately for boys and girls. Individual and team championship were separately conducted. Vishnu Ayurveda College and Government Ayurveda college Thrippunithura won the team championship for girls.

Vishnu Ayurveda College won the team championship for boys. Dr Rakesh P of Vishnu Ayurveda college and Devika of Government Ayurveda College, Thrippunithura were declared as the individuals champions in the girls and boys section respectively. We were pleased to have Mr. Gopinathan, Smt Indu M V and Mr. K.K.Chandran as Judges for the competition.

A mass yoga demonstration was organized on 21st june 2019 morning 7.00 am including all students and house surgeons. The yoga schedule was based on the common yoga protocol recommended by ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India which included loosening exercises, Yogasanas, Pranaayaama and relaxation techniques.
Trikonasana, Ardha-Chakrasana, Ardha Katicharakasana, Padahasthasana, Paschimothanasana, Vajrasana, Gomukhasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Pavanamukthasana, Matsyasana, Sethubandhasana, Bhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Surya Namaskara